Guest Writers


Teamwork makes the dream work !

In order to create a big lasting project we’re looking for writers and web designers to team up.

What we are looking for:

Longterm Team Partners 

  • up to 5 writers that are featured as founders and write on a constant basis
  • Social Media Manager for Facebook / Instagram
  • Web & Graphic Designer

Freelance guest writers

  • for articles about your mission / project / blog  (related to the ocean) with pictures
  • for articles that educate in matters of the ocean (diving info, the oceans role role in the eco system, shark finning, etc.)
  • for articles that review dive sites and beaches all over the world (preferred with pictures)

Whats in it for you?

  • feature of you as the author / creator
  • backlinks and advertisement for your blog / photography work and website / fanpage
  • affiliate links if online bookings for your services if available

Apply with your project / content via private message to Dajana.

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