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Manta Matcher : Andrea Marshall on Mantas


Manta Matcher – a project from Andrea Marshall for Manta Ray conservation: spot your own Manta Ray and name it ! 🙂

This video informs about Manta Rays, a wonderful but highly endangered species of marine animals.

Manta rays are widely distributed, migratory, and have unique spot patterning on their underside that can be used to identify individuals. MantaMatcher is the first global online manta ray database, managing manta ray sighting and identifications worldwide. Any diver or snorkeler with a camera can take and upload a manta identification photo. Researchers can also upload and organize individually identified manta rays in the regional populations they are managing. MantaMatcher also promotes collaborations by way of cross-referencing different study sites. Scientists can now examine if populations are shared between neighboring countries, examine regional and long distance movements, and examine the lifespans of manta rays.

Want your own Manta Ray?

Help Andrea and her wonderful team to photograph, identify and protect mantas worldwide.

You an do that on MANTAMATCHER.ORG ! 🙂

Picture: Michel Braunstein, Underwater Photographer

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