Hi, I’m Dajana Sain, a lifestyle and motivational blogger from Germany .

I quit my safe job as a police officer to chase my dreams and create my dream life. Now I’m a digital nomad, traveling the world and living on the most amazing places around the world.

Since I’ve been a little child I’ve been obsessed with the ocean. I even grew up at the ocean the first 4 years and was in the water before I was able to walk. I was in the ocean whenever I could, spending hours with swimming, snorkeling and free diving.

I started Scuba Diving a few weeks ago and of course I totally fell in love with it.
At the same time that I started diving , the tragic accident happened to shark and ocean lover Rob Stewart.

The 37 year old canadian film maker is the creator or the shark water movie, released in 2007, in order to increase awareness for the important role that sharks play in our eco system and how they are systematically slaughtered away.

His mission was to protect sharks. He passed away after a deep dive, working on Sharkwater 2.


Shark Water Creator Rob Stewart – Rest in Peace.

I watched the movie again and did some research about shark finning.

You can watch the full movie here.

Deeply touched by the movie and his passion as a speaker and film maker, I started to think about what I could do to continue his heritage, the legacy that he built by spreading the message to protect the ocean.

And as I’m an influential person who is living the beach lifestyle and I totally fell in love with diving , I decided to create this online magazine  Mermaids & Coconuts, that is educating in matters of the ocean and introducing other projects and charity organizations that have the same goal. 

In order to provide value to the readers and generate a source of income through this blog (5% are donated to ocean care) , this place is also reviewing/promoting all products and services inside the ocean and at the beach like

  • diving products
  • diving schools
  • livaboard trips
  • sailing trips
  • surf spots
  • best beaches
  • best sunset spots
  • best beach resorts / restaurants / bars

Its basically a blogazine that focuses on everything around the ocean.

To make this project really big and serve the highest quality, I team up with everyone who is pursuing the same goal all over the world.

So if you run a charity project or like to write a guest post reviewing dive sites anywhere in the world or educating in matters of the ocean (like shark finning), please get in touch via Facebook.

Thank you for your support and lots of love ! 🙂


…if you’re interested in my personal diving adventures, have a look at my diving blog Pink Diver. 😉


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