The Mermaids & Coconuts blogazine is a joint project of ocean lovers in order to work on our goal to protect the ocean .

We are aiming to educate in matters of the ocean and to share valuable travel and diving tips.

To make this project really big and serve the highest quality and diversity, many guest writers share their content on this site.

If you would like to be a guest writer or get your project featured here, check out this page. 

Mission Statement

Mermaids & Coconuts is dedicated to the protection of the ocean and marine life. 5% of all money generated on this website is donated to Oceancare.

What we work on:

  • showing people the beauty of the ocean and making them protect it
  • taking peoples fear of the ocean and its creatures away
  • educating in matters of diving and marine life
  • increase the awareness for what’s going on in the ocean (like overfishing , shark finning , impact on the eco system)
  • increase the desire to take action for saving the ocean (like avoiding & collecting trash)
  • sharing valuable travel tips
  • showing you the best dive sites, beaches, sunsets and surf spots

We generate an income through reviewing/promoting all products and services inside the ocean and at the beach like

  • dive sites
  • diving products
  • diving schools
  • livaboard trips
  • sailing trips
  • surf spots
  • best beaches
  • best sunset spots
  • best beach resorts / restaurants / bars


Whats in it for you?

You are….

  1. a reader

You will get:

  • FREE value content
  • authentic reviews
  • insider travel tips
  • exclusive special offers for products and services
  • wonderful pictures free for personal use

2. an advertisor

(like: dive schools, dive gear producing companies, beach resorts, beach bars, beach restaurants)

You will get:

  • high quality advertisement in multiple ways
  • authentic reviews of your product / service on this blog, social media and platforms like trip advisor
  • Youtube videos
  • high quality media material (pictures, videos)
  • increase your social media reach and popularity
  • new customers

3. a team partner (blogger/photographer/videographer/charity project/ocean related website)

You will…


  • gain community
  • spread your message / your project
  • help protecting the ocean
  • spot in the blogroll
  • mutual support
  • increase your social media reach and popularity

Available advertising services for companies:

  • video productions
  • photography services
  • affiliate links
  • banner advertisement
  • giveaways
  • advertorials
  • youtube videos
  • social media features
  • reviews on several online platforms

Other available services:

  • social media marketing
  • online marketing
  • web design
  • graphic design
  • marketing consulting
  • influencer campaigns

If you have any questions or want to be featured on this blog / social media feel free to contact me via .


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